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BikerTv Season Launch!

Hi all!
The New Season of BikerTV airs this weekend on MenTV and Global "CH" stations! Featuring Master Builder Roger Goldammer - Up close and casual in his "lab". CMDRA Destroyer Racing - Dinos Annual Fathers Day Drags. Heather and friends ride around Langley, BC with Hawgzotic Custom Cycles! Original Canadian music featuring Howard Bailey, 54-40 and ZedHead.........and we've only begun! Air times are as follows:

STARTING April 14th

SATURDAYS MenTV - 10am - 4pm - Midnight
SATURDAYS "CH" ON - CHCH - Hamilton - 2pm
SUNDAYS "CH" BC - CHBC/CFJC - Kelowna/Kamloops - 11:00

"CH" BC - CHEK - Van Island - 11:00
"CH" AB - CHCA Red Deer at Noon.

Bikertv is not our show - it's yours. Special thanks to all our friends coast to coast that have made Bikertv.ca possible. Ride Safe - Ride Free!

What a party!

heather@bikertv.ca wrote: Many thanks to all of you who attended our BikerTV season launch party. We had a great turnout from near and far! The farthest being Bonnie & Tom Varga from HogZotic in langley BC. Great to see you two! Special thanks to our bands ZedHead & Trole who Rocked us all night! Also big thanks to Porky's barbeque and leisure who helped us soak up some alcohol with their awesome food! It was great to get all of you together. Without your support, BikerTV.ca wouldn't be a reality. Many of you have joined us for rides, fed us, lent us bikes, helped us fix our bikes, gave us places to sleep, sponsored the show, performed for our camera's, let our camera people ride bitch! .....the list goes on and on! So what better way to show our appreciation than to treat all of you to a huge piss up! Thanks for coming and we'll see you on Biker TV! Heather.

Thanks Heather

Hi Heather, Thank you for being so accommodating at the BikerTV.ca bash Saturday night with regards to having your picture taken. You make a great ambassador for the show. We had a great time! Keep up the good work. Thanks again! "BOSS HOG"